A CUSTOM contenteditable CMS

Using jQuery and HTML

A good website is one that can change. Simple to update, manage and keep looking fresh. Can't write code? No problem, with pre-written content sections and simple controls, my content management system has you covered.

Can write code? Use it to streamline your creative process by adding your own code templates. Quick, flexible and consistent web development for the modern web.

Most content management systems are based around templates and text fields to add your content. They do a good job mostly, however with jQuery and some useful HTML attributes the editable web has never been so accessible.

The Page is made up of editable sections like this

This is a full Viewport, fold section

Adding New Sections is simple

Click to insert a new section, then add your content to build the page

The CMS is supplied with a few HTML templates to get you going, however if you're a developer, you can add in your own reusable sections. Find yourself using the same divs in your code?

This will fit right in to your workflow.

Edit HTML content using the Editor

Great if you want a little more control

Every now and again we all need a little more control. Using the pre-written templates is simple, but when you need to think outside of the box, the built in HTML editor is the tool you need.

Ever wanted to Use the Console?

Now you can. Edit your document with the browser console for instant gratification

Use one of the greatest IDEs ever made - the browser console. Instant page updates without uploading and refreshing. Put your time to better use and cut out all the clicking and dragging - just edit and save directly in the browser.

Simple WYSIWYG Controls

Managing your content is a breeze with these simple css controls

Well known editing controls make the CMS easy to use by anyone. Make a full blog template for your customers to use, or use it create rich promotional content - it's perfect for all use cases. 

Quick SEO Tools for free

Check your content for target keywords, or use the SEO wizard to add ALT and TITLE tags to the media on your page

Once your ready to rock, you can optimise your page using the SEO checking tools. The SEO wizard will loop through images and links on your page and prompt you to add important ALT and TITLE tags, to make sure Google loves your page as much as you do.

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