Design Consultant & Solutions Developer.

Manchester based web, graphic and solution design

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Web Developer

From hardware depolyment and backend services to stunning front end design - every project, no matter the size is developed with your needs at the core.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is at the very heart of every digital media project. To stand out in the crowd you have to not only look great, the experience has to be great too.

Business Solutions

Tackling your businesses solutions takes care and thought. Well planned software can save time and money, giving you the upperhand in your industry.

Website Design

At the core of any business or project is a great website. Whether it's a single page web presence or an all encompassing behmoth, that runs everything upto the kitchen sink - they all require thought, precision and style. Not only must your website look good, it needs to feel great. Filled with riveting content and eye catching images to keep your visitors browsing.

A custom E-Commerce website with a unique PC builder. Written in Angular with NodeJS and ArangoDB

Another custom E-Commerce site using NodeJS and a custom NoSQL database, with exposed API

Graphic Design

As a creative person, graphic design comes naturally. Fitting to a clients needs and requirements can be tricky without good communication and working partnership. Having a creative talent is only half the story - the rest is working closely with other people to get the best result.


Graphic 1

Promotional Material

Graphic 2


Graphic 3

Software Solutions

Solving a problem is always the main goal. Creating software and services can solve a wide varity of digital and physical problems that face companies every day. It's always the solution that's important, not the code or language used. Chosing the right tools for job makes sure the job is done right.

That's why I like to focus on solving the problem at hand, getting the technology I need from a growing skill set.

PC Builder

A single page app for building Gaming PCs, utilising an Angular Front End and an ArangoDB Database

ACS Server

Working for a major UK ISP, I developed the services to configure customer routers using NodeJS and MongoDB

Feed Manager

Add in FTP details for all your Product Distributer feeds, and it'll manage your stock for you

Contact Information

All my contact information can be found on my CV, however if you would like to email me, I can be reached at moc.ytilaerdemrofer@eel